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Rock of Rosanjin by definewisdom Rock of Rosanjin by definewisdom
For Seventh Sanctum the Anime Mania contest (though I'm cutting it very close to the wire ^_^;;

This is the cover from the DVD boxset of the Complete first season of the anime Rock of Rosanjin.

A magical Girl anime that ran from 2001-2004, Rock of Rosanjin, while not as popular as the more well known and mainstream magical girl animes found itself quite a cult following in the western world after the fansub found its way onto the Internet. Eventually the series had an official release in America in 2006 although it did not gain a greater fanbase.

The series itself revolved around the character of Hoshiko, a quiet and unremarkable high school student, whose grandmother bequeaths her a strange necklace when she passes away. It turns out that this necklace is Hoshiko's birthright and makes her a guardian of the gateway between world. The stone that makes up the pendant is in fact, one half of the legendary Rock of Rosanjin, which is claimed to give mythical power to anyone who holds all of it in their hand.

At the same time as Hoshiko receives the stone, two mysterious boys, cousins, enrol at her school and seem strangely interested in her and the necklace especially. It turns out that these two boys, Natsuki and Yukitaka are actually the descendants of the wizards who split the stone apart centuries before and their families are bound to keep the two halves separate. They two have powers, transforming into the Summer Lord and Winter Lord respectively.

Natsuki, the Summer Lord, is short with blond hair and red eyes. He has power over fire and light which he controls through the fingerless gloves he wears. Yukitaka, on the other hand, is taller, with blue hair and bright blue eyes. He wields the powers of snow and ice, through a staff which grows from a charm on a bracelet he wears.

There is also Hoshiko's best friend Reina, a girl with long magenta hair and turquoise eyes. She constantly teases her friend mercilessly about boys. She's an irreverent girl who refuses to wear proper school uniform and, in one of the most infamous scenes, takes out a mirror creature disguised as her own reflection byt kicking it out of a window.

Of course, nothing is ever that simple in the world of anime, so it turns out that the second half of the Rock of Rosanjin was actually cast into the world of mirrors and has been found on the other side by the evil Lady Rosa, who is searching for the other half of the stone. She sends mirror creatures, which can take on the appearance of anything in the real world, only reversed, to find it. It is fighting these creatures that makes up the main parts of the first season.

There were three seasons of Rock of Rosanjin altogether. The first, as mentioned above, details the usual, 'monster of the week' type anime, but fans believe generally that it is in the second season that the show really began to shine. In the last episode of season 1 Hoshiko accidentally joins the two halves of the Rock of Rosanjin together, which separates Hoshiko into dozens of different selves , each containing differenct character traits from the other. The second season focuses on the problems of rejoining these different versions and the complexities and problems of identity involved. There are also episodes when alternate or 'mirror' Yukitakas and Natsukis appear, which became firm favourites with the fan base.

The third season, in contrast, is often not seen as canon by the die hard fans, as it introduces several new characters (including the 'Spring' and 'Fall' Lords) and reverts the anime back to cliche magical girl lines, focusing on romantic misunderstandings and entanglements while the 'Mirror Witch' attempts to hunt down Hoshiko.

Similarly, the manga, which came after the anime, is also seen by fans as a travesty. It rewrites the entirety of season 2, undermining several of the characters and destroying what many people see as key storylines. In fact a campaign to stop the manga was actually begun online, though it never really went anywhere.

The main motif of the series, as seen from the DVD cover above, is the shards of shattered glass. This features prominently in both the starting and ending credits of the first season but the relevance does not become clear until the final episode of that season when the rejoining of the Rock causes an explosion which blows out every mirror in the vicinity and the final scene shows a million different reflections, each with a different expression, of Hoshiko herself.

That... was a lot longer than I anticipated. Argh. I'm running out of time. Here's a rundown of the generators I used.

Firstly the Anime title generator gave me Rock of Rosanjin (as you may have guessed).

Secondly I went to the Magical Girl Generator and got this description which I used for Hoshiko:

This spiritual magical girl has round green eyes and short, straight, fine, obsidian hair worn in a dignified style. She has a curvy build. She has cosmic powers that are invoked by rituals. Her outfit is black and white in even proportions, looks like a fusion of a classic fantasy witch's costume and a suit of armor, and it has a strangely futuristic flair to it.

And lastly I used the Magical Knight Title Generator to give me Natsuki's title: Summer Lord, which then led me to create a winter lord as well.

The rest of it is just my overactive imagination.


Finally. Done.
TheRawr000000 Featured By Owner May 28, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
This NEEDS to be real! You rock for coming up with this! (No pun intended. Really.)
mezzoEmrys Featured By Owner May 2, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
How did you not win with something as AWESOMERIFIC as this?
DragonScholar Featured By Owner May 2, 2010
Congrats, THIS was one of the contest runners-up!
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